“Gone” in 60 Seconds….

“Was posted on FB, catching website up”

I have been avoiding posting this as it is just heart breaking. My shadow, my Eleanor took a walk on the Rainbow Bridge without me. Munit & Funit supported her decision.

Friday May 7th while we where in South Jordan UT she left us. It wasn’t real till I came home and had to go to town….ALONE….I haven’t done that in 5 years. I stopped at McDonald’s cause I had free nuggets…no one to eat them but me.

She was amazing. She did EVERYTHING I asked and did so with grace. Switzerland with every client dog and taught generations of puppies. Filtered out puppy people.

I love you Eleanor….you were MY girl after BeeBee passed and stepped up to the job. I will forever miss you. The last of our 1st HOME breed litter.

Can BIS Brace 2infinity Gone In 60 Seconds RA BN CD CGC
December 18, 2011 – May 7, 2021