December Birthdays !!!

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Sniper delayed report she has a RN

With her favorite friend Sandra Forste she earned a RN title during the December Rally trails. She is sorry for the delayed report, but she had to finish her reports and review her kills…3 passing scores!!! So proud.

The Wonderful Thing About TIGGERS!!!

We are excited to introduce the world to our new baby girl and the 1st Divo girl to hit the ground for fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!


2infinity I’m The Only One T-I-Double Guh-Er Gold Coin

Am/Can CH 2infinity Running Code 3
Am Silver GCH/Can GCH, Am/Can BIS
GOLD COIN’S ALL ABOUT ME CD RE CS CI CX…/thewonderfulthingabouttiggers.htm

Captain Morgan GROUP 1 Canada!!!

Again catching up.

We are super proud of this young man, 14 months old. Our first home grown, rottweiler we breed, that I handled to a Group 1. I have had other group placements, but this one is super sweet. Plus earned 3 points towards his Championship.

Thank you Judge Mrs. J Rusby for this honor.

Can Ptd ( 8 ) / Am Ptd ( 6 ) 2Infinity Got A Little Captain In Your Gold Coin

MORGAN! ! ! ! The places you will go…. — feeling proud with Christina UlbergRene Wigen,David Bert and Linda Rich.

The Captain is sailing along…

Morgan is showing he has what it takes to sail the seas.

Earning a 3 point major at the Stumptown Cluster and another 2 point win at Hurricaine Ridge.


Can Ptd (5)/Am Major Ptd (7) 2Infinity Do You Have A Little Captain In You Gold Coin

Bulleit 4 Point Major Redmond & Siren NEW AKC CHAMPION


Can CH/Am Major Ptd (4) 2Infinity Only The Top Shelf Gold Coin

(Photo coming)


Am/Can CH 2Infinity Running Code 3

New Addition in THE HOUSE


2Infinity Rottweilers would like to introduce a new addition to our family thanks to Legion Rottweilers, Kim Swearingen on May 2018.

Our new baby girl “Plum,” AKA Pink.

Legion’s The Best Is Yet To Come 2Infinity

V1 INT’L/AM GCHB Gamegards Man O War V Braeside CD BN RE


GCH Ironstone’s Luck Be A Lady RATN

Thank you Roxanne Denboer for being such a great supporter. Photos by Jan Bell.


Update Back Up…Hi Points from the SHOWS on the kids

Mt Cheam Show in Canada March 2018. 2 new Canadian Champions!!!

Can CH/Am Ptd (1) 2Infinity Drinks Well With Ironstone
Can CH/Am Major Ptd (6) 2Infinity How Fast Were You Going To Susitna

I am so proud of these kids.


After Oceanside Kennel Club in Chilliwack BC April 2018, our baby boy Bulleit is sitting on 9 points. Plus his brother Morgan took him out for his first 4 points.

Can Ptd (9) 2Infinity Only The Top Shelf Gold Coin
Can Ptd (4) 2Infinity Gotta A Little Captain in Your Gold Coin

Love these boys, not even 9 months old yet…Momma Hush and Pappa Divo are thrilled!


Klamath Falls Kennel Club, May 2018.

Siren goes WB for a 3 point MAJOR with Judge Mr. Frederickson. All points have been from the bred by class.

Now Can CH / Am Major Ptd ( 11 ) 2Infinity Running Code 3


New CHAMPION in the house.

CAN CH 2infinity Only the Top Shelf Gold Coin

WD 2 points under Mrs. Grant. Comox Valley Kennel Club June 2018. Youngest 2infinity dog to finish in Canada, 10 months old.


Super proud, Morgan was WD, Best Puppy in Breed, and Best Breeder Owner Handler in Breed. THEN went up against a nice line up of older dogs to get Best Breeder Owner Handler in Group under Australian Judge Peter Primrose, Nanaimo Kennel Club Canada.

Morgan is 11 months old. His brother Bulleit is also proud.

Am Ptd ( 2 ) / Best In Group Breeder/Owner/Handler Can Ptd ( 5 ) 2Infinity Got A Little Captain In Your Gold Coin

( Hush x Divo )

2018 Best Rottweiler Breeder Award from WAG!

In 2017 we received news:

Congratulations, 2Infinity Rottweilers LLC!

Wag! is honored to present you with the Top Rottweiler Breeder Award of 2018. Yip yip hooray!

Wag! has analyzed top Rottweiler breeders and cross-referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. Your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. For context, Wag! awards breeders with best-in-class online buzz, content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward their breed of dogs.  

(We received this also in 2017, but are now noticing some positive feedback from this award.  Thanks Everyone)

2 New CHIC’s in the HOUSE!!!

CHIC #126914

2Infinity Special Weapons and Tactics 

CHIC #126913

2Infinity Running Code 3