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Our Assistant “Lillie”

Lillie came to us with a background in Bullmastiffs. She is super comfortable with large breeds and has a hand that is calm and collect. She was assigned a rottweiler to learn the ropes, Morgan. After Morgan hurt himself, she was challenged with Bulleit, who is NOT easy!! She was successful with many, many, many BEST JUNIORS!!

Lillie qualified for Westminster at 13 years old. She showed Bulleit in Juniors and Breed at the 2023 Show in New York!

Lillie than was challenged with yet another rottweiler Riddle. She took that challenge and made it her own.

Lillie qualified for Royal Canin 2023 and showed Bulleit wonderfully, additionally she qualified for Westminster 2024 to show Riddle in New York. These two are going to be a force!!!

Lillie hard at work washing a Corso.

Lillie has a school focus and is becoming be an amazing human! We are so proud to see her mature and so fortunate enough to have her in our life! We adore her like a daughter.

(Rev 02/28/2024)