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Bee Bee’s Gallery

02/26/2011      McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers Inc, Albany, OR.
Judge Mrs. Janet B VanWormer, WB/BOW/BOS – 1 pt
(Find the Bee)


Halloween 2011
Oregon DHS Costume Contest

07/02/2011      Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club, Redmond, OR.
Mr W Everett Dean Jr., WB/BOW/BOS – 1 pt
(Find the Bee)

07/01/2011      Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club, Redmond, OR.
Mr William P Shelton, WB/BOS – 1 pt.
(Find the Bee)

06/26/2011      Clackamas Kennel Club Inc., Canby, OR.
Mr Richard Lashbrook, WB – 1 pt.
(Find the Bee)

11/19/2010 Umpqua Kennel Club Inc, Roseburg, OR. –
Mrs Chris A Primmer – 98.0
11/19/2010 Rally Novice – RN

06/29/2009 Nicola Valley Kennel Club, Merritt,BC –
Mr C Hunt – Winners (1pt)

 Bee Bee’s Early Start

Bee Bee 8 weeks old


Suttle Lake Oregon, July 2011


The Buzz on Bee Bee

Bee Bee held a ball in her mouth and fell asleep, which is normal.  
Bee Bee held it and did not drop it, from Biggs OR to Salem OR, 158 miles = 3 hours.