2Infinity “Introductions”

2Infinity Rottweilers LLC or “2Infinity” is a name that turns heads in confirmation, rally, obedience, carting, and etc…

My husband (David Bert) and I (Christina Ulberg) never thought that simply finding the Rottweiler puppy I was begging for and thinking of showing that we would have such an undiscovered passion for the sport and breed. With the family increasing with leaps and bounds, we decided we needed to start with a name that will inspire each and every generation. The underlying origin of the name is from our son “Ozzie”, Parisans 2 Infinity’N’Beyond, and his constant willingness to please, amaze, and inspire change.

2Infinity strives to have well mannered ladies and gentlemen that long to be challenged mentally that remain by your side for life. All of our dogs are treated like our children and are just as spoiled.

2Infinity started as one show dog as a hobby and blossomed, with no end in sight, it should run 2Infinity.  2Infinity was placed in the name of its first dog in 2008.  We attempt to select names that are unique and represent our zest for life.

2Infinity feels it important to say that as Breeders we take this title very seriously.  We had our first litter of puppies on the ground in 2011. We always strive to do the right thing for the breed. We make educated decisions, chose complementary matches, and never lose site that the main goal is to meet breed standard and create a better image of the breed.  We only breed when we are wanting to keep our next family member, we are not a stock on the shelf kind of breeder.

As we have found success we have branched out and as professional dog handlers that travel both in the US and Canada.  We treat every client dog as if it is our personal dog and love watching them be successful.  We provide professional handling and training services as reasonable rates, competitive with others in the area.

(rev. 1/2020)

About Us “History”

I (Christina Ulberg) started my passion with the breed during high school. I was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed the next member of the family at that time to be a Rottweiler by the name of “Bud” Budweiser Von Midknight Sun. He was honestly like the brother I never had. Bud & I …

Dog Kennel Building

In 2015 we moved to Dallas Oregon to commit more space and time to the dogs.  We finished construction of the dog kennel building June 2016 (photos are of just after completion).   The building currently has four 10 x 5 runs with divider walls. The other side is currently being used for training. When they …

Motorhome “Dog Shows”

The dogs are still the main focus of this motorhome.  We found the perfect layout to have enough space for them to have inside time as well as ease of going in and out. A mid door diesel is not a common ask in the world, who knew.  We have lots of space to share …

Contact Us

David Bert & Christina Ulberg Email: 2Infinityrottweilers@gmail.com Phone: 503-949-2039 (8am – 9pm, Pacific Coast Time) Now in Dallas, Oregon Inquiries about Puppies, we shall send you are normal puppy questionnaire as well as a copy of our base contract for you to review.  As American Rottweiler Club (ARC) members and code of ethics breeders we are required …