Dr. Kruger Supplement Supporter

2Infinity prides itself on trying to stay ahead of the curve in our dogs health and well being.  One of those elements is their general health and what we can do to help them achieve their success.  We meet the individuals who owned this company many, many years ago.  We were very skeptical that it would actually be a benefit to our dogs.  We sent them lots of questions, asked their sources of their ingredients, requested testimonials, and watched to see if they would be around after a few years.  Yes, I am one of those kinds of breeder that finds that a real good thing does stand the test of time.

After watching and waiting I took the plunge and started one of our dogs on the Dr. Kruger Skin & Coat product.  I watched that dog like a hawk, was their a change, did I see other benefits, and what was this actually costing me?  After doing a 6-7 month personal evaluation I was happy with the results and branched it out to another dog, now trying the Dr. Kruger Healthy Joint.  This dog was on some anti-inflammatory medication and movement was challenged.  Again after doing 6-7 month personal evaluation I was again pleased with the results and even reduced the prescription medications he was on.

Each of our dogs is on one of the Dr. Kruger products to improve something about their health.  These are the ones that we currently use or have used.

2Infinity does NOT sell this product, nor do we have any business interest in the company.  We just feel that this is a useful product.

The Dr. Kruger staff is extremely helpful and works wonderfully with breeders.  Providing literature to send home with litters of puppies and other benefits specific to your needs.  If you want to try this product or learn more about which one might be best for your dogs, tell them “2Infinity” sent you.