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German Sheppard Guinness came to the 2Infinity family in lieu of going to the pound.  He was about 18 months old and needed some serious socialization work.  He started at our (David & Christina) house and would go to the mother-units house for puppy sitting and socialzation (with her Rottweilers Kasper & Moxy) while we went to work, then he would return to our house and our kidz.  This occurred for about one month until the mother unit said “He’s fine, just go home!”  So Guinness had decided he enjoyed the constant pampering of a “grandma house” and moved out.  Sounds kind of like a repeated story…Bud….hummm

With constant work and dedication from the parental-units he learned to accept people, was as sweet as pie, still timid but more confident when he was around his bud Kasper.  He adored his sister Moxy and would pick on her often.  He really picked on her when she was pregnant, can’t run with 6 puppies in ya….ha ha ha.  He loved Banquet mac & cheese and his Sunday morning waffles.  When he went on a road trip to Redmond Washington to a Dog Show in 2011 he was the only German Sheppard in a long row of Rottweilers, and probably thought he was a Rottweiler (that is what he knew as family).  He was happy and content in his pack.

 Guinness was diagnosed with an unidentified mass attached to his liver which was inoperable and had fluid accumulating in his abdomen.  He was surrounded by family and one of his favorit doctors (Dr. Morrow) when he crossed the bridge.  He is happy and pain free and will live on in Kasper & Moxy.

He passed January 20, 2012.