Up Coming Litters ("Puppies")

2Infinity is researching and finding the best possible mix for a wonderful litter.  We are looking for the full package; and that does not mean just looks.  We want amazing intelligence and a sound temperament.  Keep your paws crossed and we will keep updating as plans unfold.  If you are interested (serious inquiries please) in any upcoming litters feel free to contact us.  Plus, if we do not have anything on the ground we are very fortunate enough to have many wonderful contacts that may have quality litters with puppies available.

Please contact for a puppy questionnaire and information surrounding the upcoming litter.


Planned Breeding December 2021

2Infinity has some plans in the works. We have our eyes on a lovely lady to breed to our Bulleit. I already have people selecting spots on either litters and some deposits are already made. Please send a email or call if you wish additional information on future litters or wish to be on the …