2Infinity Gold

This was in the Canadian Dog Fanciers Digital Magazine in the Rottweiler Issue. I am so proud of what we have created and accomplished.

The Wonderful Things About TIGGERS…

Tigger snagged a bounce of points (8) the last few months and is going strong. I am super proud of how she is turning out. Love our TIGGER!!!

Capt Morgan was promoted..GCH

Grand Champion was a new Grand Champion back in May…oops late
Am GCH/Can CH 2Infinity Got A Little Captain In Your Gold Coin

“Gone” in 60 Seconds….

“Was posted on FB, catching website up”

I have been avoiding posting this as it is just heart breaking. My shadow, my Eleanor took a walk on the Rainbow Bridge without me. Munit & Funit supported her decision.

Friday May 7th while we where in South Jordan UT she left us. It wasn’t real till I came home and had to go to town….ALONE….I haven’t done that in 5 years. I stopped at McDonald’s cause I had free nuggets…no one to eat them but me.

She was amazing. She did EVERYTHING I asked and did so with grace. Switzerland with every client dog and taught generations of puppies. Filtered out puppy people.

I love you Eleanor….you were MY girl after BeeBee passed and stepped up to the job. I will forever miss you. The last of our 1st HOME breed litter.

Can BIS Brace 2infinity Gone In 60 Seconds RA BN CD CGC
December 18, 2011 – May 7, 2021


I will admit that I have been posting more on the Facebook page vs. this one while on the road. I will update some neat updates once I have a good week home from shows.

IF you want to see the cool updates check out the Facebook page.


We are super excited to announce that 2Infinity is now the “PROUD” owner of ALL yes ALL DIVO semen on this earth. We are over the moon to add this stud to our breeding program for future litters. We have been impressed with the kids we have to date: Bulleit, Morgan, and Tigger.

Thank you Linda & Don Rich for the honor of having Divo’s join our family.What more magic can we produce!

We are NOT offering this semen for sale. We just wanted to share the GREAT news!!


CD – – Music To Our Ears

Official win photo of Plum & Leilani Farrier from Boise ID. A CD is a title classified as novice obedience; it is a compilation of on and off lead work, sits and downs, and recalls. Due to my busy conformation show schedule it was just not in the cards for me to obtain the title on my lovely girl. Leilani took on this challenge and still impresses me that this all happened in less than 3 months. Plum loves practically everyone she meets, she loves her Leilani…it shows in how they work.

THANK YOU Leilani for joining our family through Plum!!

Am/Can CH Legion’s The Best Is Yet To Come 2Infinity CS CD RN

Time For Puppy Planning

We have thought long and hard about the future and decided it is time to add another chapter to our story that will last 2infinity. We are planning on breeding Plum to Bulleit. These should be amazing puppies structure and temperament. So excited for this litter. Here is the link to the specific page with health information Plum X Bulleit.

OK I did play a little here and put Plum’s 8 week photo with Bulleit’s 8 week photo….cutness.


NOW….what shall the theme be….
Plum was Frank Sanatra….
Bulleit was Alcohol…

Email 2infinityrottweilers@gmail.com for specific information and a questionnaire. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE. ARC COE Breeder.

Bulleit got MAIL

2Infinity’s second bred by exhibitor champion. Each generation keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Love these kids to death!!

Plum Back End Updates

In Boise ID Plum snagged a CD with Leilani Farrier. Earning a 4th, 3rd, and 1st place. This is amazing considering she had less than 3 months training.


To top it off Leilani tool Plum for a ride and got a RN through video submission just for fun.

Thank you so much Leilani for taking the time to work with our Plum on the smart dog stuff as I was running around in left handed circles. You will always be a valued member of the 2infinity family!!

Multi BBP Group/BP Group Can CH/Am CH Legion’s The Best Is Yet To Come 2Infinity RN CD CS

Look at that sexy back end of her name!!!!