Late Harvest Post – Plum CS ! ! !

Plum rocked her CS getting a 2nd place out of 5 dogs.

September 5, 2020, Under judge Kristen Scott with the Pacific Coast Performance Rottweiler Club.

HUSH still has it as a veteran ! ! !

Hush puppy came out of retirement for Annie McAuliffe to show in juniors and refine her skills on a rottweiler. They rocked it in veterans!

Saturday Logan Utah Judge Terry Berrios , SB over a lovely special, earning major points towards her GCH Bronze status. Not bad for a old lady.

Per the judge, “she is ageing better than you :)” … he he

Plum’TASTIC Health Results ! ! !

This little lady just got a email from OFA on her Hip & Elbow results. Hips are GOOD and Elbows are NORMAL. Once OFA adds to her record I see a CHIC in her future.

Now we finish that CS & CD!!!!

With Great Sadness

The investigation of the disappearance of Sitka and Decaf has finally come to an end.

Unfortunately, the result was not what we all prayed for. Finally having an answer has lifted a heavy burden and will help us find peace. It has been discovered that both dogs did in fact die in the car while waiting for Allison Camper-Ostenberg to return from lunch.

Thank you to everyone for coming together and helping in the search. Many of you have been diligently watching Craigslist, delivering flyers, checking dogs at the vet clinics and watching shelters for any possible leads. We are sorry, we were all mislead.

They may not have been stolen from the car, but they were certainly stolen from our lives.

As a final show of support, please join us in changing your profile picture for 24 hours in memory of Sitka and Decaf.

Godspeed Decaf and Sitka, you will forever be in the hearts of many.



The Captain traveled to California

Morgan did amazing his weekend as a special in 2020 at Shasta Kennel Club, California. 2 GCH points and a win over a lovely CH. Thank you judge Mrs. Shalisa D Neely. Inspite of his naughty ways did it again. 2 GCH points and a win over two CH’s. Thank you judge Dr. Albert P Bianchi.

Can CH/AOM Am CH 2infinity Got A Little Captain In Your Gold Coin

On the road to his GCH…

Picked Me A Plum

“Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
You came along and everything’s startin’ to hum
Still, it’s a real good bet, the best is yet to come

Best is yet to come and babe, won’t that be fine?
You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine”

While momma was in a ring with Valor and Enzo, Auntie Lisa took Plum into the ring to kick butt….and yes, she did!!! Momma would have loved to show the Plumcakes, but duty called and Lisa was amazing!!!!

WB and BOW 4 point Major Judge Bob Busby! NEW CHAMPION

Am/Can CH Legions The Best Is Yet To Come 2infinity

Thank you Lisa for being part of our family!

Aim and Fire!!!

Bulleit was BOB all four days during the Winter Island Shows in Duncan BC. Earning 4 more GCH points. Looks like we may need only 3 or 4 more for his GCH. Love this boy!!!

Am/Can CH 2infinity Only The Top Shelf Gold Coin

(Hush x Divo)

Plum 5 Point MAJOR!!!

The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine. – Frank Sinatra


Legions The Best is Yet To Come 2infinity is WB and BOW for a 5 point MAJOR under judge Helene Nietsch at Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers, Chehalis WA, 9/14/19.

I am so thankful for the true support system I have for my dogs that came and cheered her on. Sometimes it is not how many times you go in the ring (for those who count) and sometimes not who you go against. Sometimes it is who you share those AMAZING moments with, thank you Rene Wigen, Julio Parisi, Candi Hoemberg, Max Adams, and Morgan Hamilton for being a part of today, plus the others in the far back portion of the room.

From the tree of life I picked a Plum…..

Morgan AOM Regional Specialty

Our 1st home grown Award of Merit at a Rottweiler Specialty. Under Judge Tim Peterson. I love this boy!!!!!

AOM Am CH/Can CH 2infinity Got A Little Captain In Your Gold Coin

(Hush x Divo)
Owned by Christina Ulberg, Rene Wigen, and David Bert